Foto: Oceanfriut (Berlin, Germany)

The German start-up Oceanfruit has succeeded in making seaweed suitable for everyday consumption.

Foto: Formo (Berlin, Germany)

Formo uses high-tech fermentation processes in the manufacturing of dairy products

Foto: Revo Foods (Vienna, Austria)

Revo Foods plant-based salmon is made from a complex blend of pea protein, citrus fibre and oils.

10. Juli 2022

Foodreport 2023: It’s all about Sustainability

The tenth Foodreport by Hanni Rützler provides thought-provoking impulses – especially in a time when we are trying to learn to live with continual crises.

The increasing importance of Future Food Resilience, as well as the growing awareness of sustainability in society, are leading to innovations in the food industry. Long-established roles are challenged and new technologies will be upscaled. The food industry is changing just as people’s eating habits are. In the future, a diverse, sustainable and open-minded nutrition will be the guiding principle.

Theme Focus & Industry Insight

Meat – The diverse future of meat consumption

Meat is losing its role as the leading product of our eating culture – certainly in the visions of innovative food technologists, investors and in the vegan discourse on “proper” nutrition. Plant-based food has become one of the most important food trends of our time. In addition to plant-based products, alternatives increasingly similar in taste and texture to meat and fish are emerging. Alt-protein and cell-cultured food are the food industry’s new buzzwords.

Fusion – The culinary globalisation of our everyday life

While the trend towards more regionality and locality continues to strengthen with regard to the ingredients for our dishes, we are seeing an ever greater internationalisation of the dishes themselves. A new appetite for fusing and blending cuisines and culinary traditions is emerging alongside the integration of “foreign” cuisines and exotic foods. Many people love experimenting with ingredients and preparation methods, and this is rapidly spreading as a result of new popular recipes being presented on social media platforms. Fusion is the new normal!

Retail Visions – An awareness for sustainability is changing the world of food retailing

The contradiction is striking: consumers choose food based on criteria of sustainability and social justice. They also want their food to be regional, organic, fair and livestock-friendly, if possible. However, everyday purchasing habits are often quite different. Price, convenience and the range of products available in the supermarkets dictate people’s actual choices. In the future, supermarket product ranges will have to take into account the wishes and values of a growing number of people who want to shop more sustainably and fairly.

Food Trends 2023

New Glocal – The reorganisation of the global food trade

Multiple crises and their impacts call for a re-regionalisation and reorientation of the globalised food system. Regional agricultural structures, shorter and transparent supply chains and a new focus on domestic markets are important steps towards a more resilient and sustainable global food supply.

Veganising Recipes – Classic dishes in a new guise

Vegan versions of traditional dishes will become part of our eating culture in the future. In addition to new high-tech meat and fish substitutes, delicious meat-free adaptations of our favourite dishes without long lists of ingredients are now also available.

Regenerative Food – Sustainable food beyond organic

Regenerative food focuses on soil regeneration and biodiversity. It is the next step in the agribusiness to bring the planet back to health. Top restaurateurs value this type of food production, and large food companies also have their eye on the movement.

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